Studio Quarters

Turramurra House

The brief was to furnish a 4-level townhouse in a leafy North Shore suburb of Sydney for recent downsizers. The client had two requirements; to create a calming and uplifting space as well as accommodate for items from their old home and therefore additional storage would be necessary.

The east-west facing aspect meant the natural light distribution from one end of the townhouse to the other was always vastly different. The existing townhouse also had very little outlook. Our approach was to focus on introducing interest within the inside; repainting the all-white interiors and introducing a new palette of fresh sage in the living spaces, dusty warm mauve grey in the bedrooms and corridor. The introduction of tinted walls effectively balanced the stark contrast between the floors and walls and allowed for varying experiences within the interior as the sun moves around the house.

We opted for custom joinery for the additional storage required. Finishing the joinery in the same colour as the walls allowed us the ability to introduce texture and subtle tones creating a sense of calm and clarity to the spaces. This created the backdrop for the contemporary furniture and art pieces selected where pops of colour were specifically selected to meet the client’s request for a happy and joyful space.

The client’s age was paramount when selecting furniture; robust, sturdy pieces with the right proportions were the considerations. We opted for high back chairs, firm cushions, tables with soft edges and easy to use joinery systems whilst being stylish and contemporary. The result is a space that offers a contemporary home to an elderly couple who didn’t want the idea of downsizing to be a limitation on their lifestyle.